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how to n°2: make your own pore strips at home!!!

Hello guys and dolls!!! Here I am with a new post…a new “how to”… in this post I want to tell you how to create at home your own pore strips… It’s very simple…and you need only two ingredients…Milk and jelly for dessert… So…first of all…take a cup and put a tablespoon of jelly…then put […]

how to n°1: remove blemishes from your face!

Hello guys and dolls! today I want to start a series of “how to” blog post where I try to transmitt to you what I know about beauty and tricks to get the best from you body! This first “how to” is about the blemishes…yeah…the horrible, gross, blemishes that most of us have, especially who […]


è uno spazio in cui condividere idee e passioni (non solo make-up!) - Mi chiamo Laura, ho mille idee in testa e scarsa organizzazione per realizzarle tutte. "Ogni occasione è una possibilità!"


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