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Complexion Perfection…pro & contro

Hi Everyone! Wellcome back to my blog…here is a new post! Today I want to talk about a face product…always by e.l.f.! This product is Complexion Perfection…is a powder…a face powder…and it appears with 4 colors…a light blue, yellow, green and pink… This product with these 4 colors help to even out the color of […]

E.L.F. Smoky Brown and Mint Cream nail polish review…

Hi everyone! this is my first post on my blog and also my first review on a product! So umh…I’m Persephone Vic and I really love to talk about makeup and stylish things 🙂 So…the products that I’m reviewing at the moment are 2 nail polish from E.L.F. that I personally love… It’s my fave […]


è uno spazio in cui condividere idee e passioni (non solo make-up!) - Mi chiamo Laura, ho mille idee in testa e scarsa organizzazione per realizzarle tutte. "Ogni occasione è una possibilità!"


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