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Complexion Perfection…pro & contro

Hi Everyone!
Wellcome back to my blog…here is a new post!
Today I want to talk about a face product…always by e.l.f.!
This product is Complexion Perfection…is a powder…a face powder…and it appears with 4 colors…a light blue, yellow, green and pink…
This product with these 4 colors help to even out the color of your skin…
You can use all the colors togheter and what comes out is a translucent powder…but…if you need you can use the single color to fix your concealer in each part of your face for the discolorations…using the method of the wheel of colors…(I’ll probably do a post talking about only this topic)
The thing that I don’t like of this amazing powder is that it’s not true that fits well on every skin colors…it’s mostly for light skin…and mine is not so “white” and sometimes it just washed out my skin color and make me appear like a ghost (uhauhauha :D)
But i have to say that is a good product…very useful and its compact pakage is perfect to carry it in your purse for the touch ups during the day…
See you soon Guys and Dolls 🙂
The Dark Hourglass…


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